Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Things: Practical Optimism Is What We Need Now !

Little Things: Practical Optimism Is What We Need Now ! Click 2 read the Blog post for the following comments.

My Comments: All actions are rewarded based on the intentions over here and will be rewarded based on our intentions hereafter.

Many people try many projects with different intentions and results are always based on the intention of the "intentions".

We all should contribute to make Pakistan a successful country. Every one should contribute to the best extent given to him/her by the grace of Almighty ALLAH. May HE makes all such efforts fruitful and bring positive change in Society and transform Pakistan to a great country and Pakistanis the Leading Nation of present mankind - the mankind lost in astray and total chaos since the Divine Designated leading nations stooped playing its role. Now make shift leading nation will only lead to more disasters if we did not regain our driving seat.

Rumaisa always pronounces Wake Up calls. Where are the ears and where are the Doers? That response will make the difference.

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