Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is our Fate Pre-determined?

ADAM was made to be "Khalifa(Vicegerent) on Earth" - he had to come - regardless - he had that forbidden food item or not- so eating so called Apple was not a pre-determined or destined act - but purely Adam's own choice - and not a REASON to punish him and send him and Eve to earth - they were made for Earth as Quran mentions- see Comments on this Blog for Quran's referenced verses in this regard - most of our fate (ALLAH has only two pre-determined fate for each human being - his/her Rizk and time of his/her Death -the rest is result of our own ACTIONS) is (even written as HE knows things before)a direct result of our own actions/decisions - otherwise HE will never punish us for HIS predetermined fate/divine plan - than whole idea of Saza/Jaza becomes unfair and unjust. A murderer would have a Excuse - what I could do - it was written in my fate - I will murder someone - ALLAH knows what will happen since HE knows Things of Future also -but believe me - HE never interferes in human decision of chosing RIGHT or Wrong once HE has shown both - otherwise HE would be naozibillah - the most UNFAIR and UNJUST - for punishing people for doing wrong but which HE has already decided and written for them - THINGS happen not because HE KNOWS how they will happen but because HOW "WE" MAKE THEM HAPPEN - HE only knows before since knowing Khaslat(nature) of our Nafs(Self) -how it will behave but HE helps to make KHASLAT(nature) better if someone is willing and strive and pray to HIM to keep it on Right Path.

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