Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life is a popularity Game « Aura of a Silver Blooded Entity

Life is a popularity Game « Aura of a Silver Blooded Entity

My Comments:

I feel like I wrote it. The current situation of Muslims is very well portrayed in a very concise manner. One who are silent on Oppression are equally criminal as an Oppressor. We should not seek any ones help or whine for not having one but seek the help of ALMIGHTY ONE. ALLAH has left us on the mercy of gods on earth since we developed more fear of them than fear of HIM. HE has lifted all HIS mercy and all HIS blessings from Muslims. Millions pray in Mecca & Medina during Ramadan and at Haj time – crying, weeping and praying for Muslims’s success. But more decline. Have we ever thought why ALLAH is not with Muslims and not answering their prayers or not saving them from humiliation and persecution. The only reason is we are more Hypocrite than we are some Muslim. We have more fear of gods on earth than the ONE ALMIGHTY GOD. We live dual life and do all from which we were stooped and have stopped doing for which we were ordained to do. We had to practice Islam’s teaching and become a Role Model for mankind to follow – true Guiding Nation carrying Message of ALLAH as we promised him at Hajatul Wida (Arafat) that we will carry the message and deliver to those who were not present there. How well we have carried it and how we are delivering it. If mankind has not benefited from Islam; it is only because of Muslim. How ALLAH’s support and blessing will come for such a DOUBLE CRIMINALS – not following Islam and than becoming such a bad example of Islam Followers that World has not started hating Muslims but Islam. Pity, Islam is now Garib ul Watan, just like Palestinians. And we are silent and insensitive to this. How dare we watch the games and listen music when cancer has spread in whole body and our death is written on wall. When we will stop self-deception and fooling our self when the world has declared as unwanted Fools. Teri Burbadi k Charchey hain Aasmanon par. There is a little grace period left for repentance and to have our house in order. When is Pakistan’s next match and when is second episode of Coke Studio? Tranquilizers for a dying nation and which is foolishly believing – We will miraculously rise and some Messiah will come for our rescue. ALLAH never help those who are their own enemies. And we don’t need any external threat. We are our own biggest Threat. There is no need for War Against Islam. Muslims are doing it at their worst. That is why it is slow death. Slow and painful. There is still grace period to survive and come out safe but are we going to avail it. That is more than Trillions dollar question. As the survival of whole mankind is linked to our fate. We may be the cause of – wind up of whole show on earth – THE END.

Mohsin Meer said this on June 16, 2010 at 2:37 am


  1. gardish mei musalman hai, falak kaanp raha hai
    ghairon ki shikayat nahi, apni hee khata hai
    jo deen bari shaan se nikla tha watan se
    pardes mein wo aaj rafeeq ul ulma hai

    I agree with every word of it. Allah has mentioned in The Quran "Allah loveth not transgressors." (Surah 2, Verse 190). The reason behind our downfall is that we have crossed our limits, the limits set by Allah in every field of life. That made us sure to be punished. But now same is happening with our enemies. They are crossing all the limits in increasing our agony. They fight not against the Muslims. If that would have been the problem everything would have been fine. Their war is against Islam.And what it takes to turn the tables is just one single "Kun Fayaakuun" !


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