Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Things: Practical Optimism Is What We Need Now !

Little Things: Practical Optimism Is What We Need Now ! Click 2 read the Blog post for the following comments.

My Comments: All actions are rewarded based on the intentions over here and will be rewarded based on our intentions hereafter.

Many people try many projects with different intentions and results are always based on the intention of the "intentions".

We all should contribute to make Pakistan a successful country. Every one should contribute to the best extent given to him/her by the grace of Almighty ALLAH. May HE makes all such efforts fruitful and bring positive change in Society and transform Pakistan to a great country and Pakistanis the Leading Nation of present mankind - the mankind lost in astray and total chaos since the Divine Designated leading nations stooped playing its role. Now make shift leading nation will only lead to more disasters if we did not regain our driving seat.

Rumaisa always pronounces Wake Up calls. Where are the ears and where are the Doers? That response will make the difference.

No NO To Sharia laws in Britain

No NO To Sharia laws in Britain <==Click 2 read main blog post.

My Comments: Most Welcome 2 Saudi Arabia - I was born here as an expatriate child. Grew up here. Lived all my life here. I have 2 give my Life back 2 the CREATOR - so will tell honestly and without any Bias or fear - Saudi Arabia is not as presented in media by some vested interests. It is not a horror place as being portrayed by author of this piece of s....Come 2 Saudi Arabia and see the difference. Even with all its weaknesses, "this is the Best Place on Earth to live and raise your children." This is not my statement but of a white christian American working over here and not a public statement to please any one but an honest confession. Saudi Arabia - may not be an Ideal Muslim sate - on Utopia scale - but the best blend of East & West. The most peaceful country in world with less than 1% crime rate. I feel so secure here - 100 times more secure than living in Pakistan.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Judicial Dictatorship « My Land Pakistan

Judicial Dictatorship « My Land Pakistan

My Comments: Click above Link to read the Blog post. My comments are below;

Posted by Mohsin Meer on June 24, 2010 at 6:19 pm

This country has lost its Balance. So clash of institutions and personalities is very much “natural” in this condition. The chaos and confusion will stay or even flare up as I don’t see any thing sensible happening in this country for some time to come. There is drought and shrubs have started assuming they are the main crop of the “season”. But the real crop is awaiting plantation after soil is made fertile for it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life is a popularity Game « Aura of a Silver Blooded Entity

Life is a popularity Game « Aura of a Silver Blooded Entity

My Comments:

I feel like I wrote it. The current situation of Muslims is very well portrayed in a very concise manner. One who are silent on Oppression are equally criminal as an Oppressor. We should not seek any ones help or whine for not having one but seek the help of ALMIGHTY ONE. ALLAH has left us on the mercy of gods on earth since we developed more fear of them than fear of HIM. HE has lifted all HIS mercy and all HIS blessings from Muslims. Millions pray in Mecca & Medina during Ramadan and at Haj time – crying, weeping and praying for Muslims’s success. But more decline. Have we ever thought why ALLAH is not with Muslims and not answering their prayers or not saving them from humiliation and persecution. The only reason is we are more Hypocrite than we are some Muslim. We have more fear of gods on earth than the ONE ALMIGHTY GOD. We live dual life and do all from which we were stooped and have stopped doing for which we were ordained to do. We had to practice Islam’s teaching and become a Role Model for mankind to follow – true Guiding Nation carrying Message of ALLAH as we promised him at Hajatul Wida (Arafat) that we will carry the message and deliver to those who were not present there. How well we have carried it and how we are delivering it. If mankind has not benefited from Islam; it is only because of Muslim. How ALLAH’s support and blessing will come for such a DOUBLE CRIMINALS – not following Islam and than becoming such a bad example of Islam Followers that World has not started hating Muslims but Islam. Pity, Islam is now Garib ul Watan, just like Palestinians. And we are silent and insensitive to this. How dare we watch the games and listen music when cancer has spread in whole body and our death is written on wall. When we will stop self-deception and fooling our self when the world has declared as unwanted Fools. Teri Burbadi k Charchey hain Aasmanon par. There is a little grace period left for repentance and to have our house in order. When is Pakistan’s next match and when is second episode of Coke Studio? Tranquilizers for a dying nation and which is foolishly believing – We will miraculously rise and some Messiah will come for our rescue. ALLAH never help those who are their own enemies. And we don’t need any external threat. We are our own biggest Threat. There is no need for War Against Islam. Muslims are doing it at their worst. That is why it is slow death. Slow and painful. There is still grace period to survive and come out safe but are we going to avail it. That is more than Trillions dollar question. As the survival of whole mankind is linked to our fate. We may be the cause of – wind up of whole show on earth – THE END.

Mohsin Meer said this on June 16, 2010 at 2:37 am

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