Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is our Fate Pre-determined?

ADAM was made to be "Khalifa(Vicegerent) on Earth" - he had to come - regardless - he had that forbidden food item or not- so eating so called Apple was not a pre-determined or destined act - but purely Adam's own choice - and not a REASON to punish him and send him and Eve to earth - they were made for Earth as Quran mentions- see Comments on this Blog for Quran's referenced verses in this regard - most of our fate (ALLAH has only two pre-determined fate for each human being - his/her Rizk and time of his/her Death -the rest is result of our own ACTIONS) is (even written as HE knows things before)a direct result of our own actions/decisions - otherwise HE will never punish us for HIS predetermined fate/divine plan - than whole idea of Saza/Jaza becomes unfair and unjust. A murderer would have a Excuse - what I could do - it was written in my fate - I will murder someone - ALLAH knows what will happen since HE knows Things of Future also -but believe me - HE never interferes in human decision of chosing RIGHT or Wrong once HE has shown both - otherwise HE would be naozibillah - the most UNFAIR and UNJUST - for punishing people for doing wrong but which HE has already decided and written for them - THINGS happen not because HE KNOWS how they will happen but because HOW "WE" MAKE THEM HAPPEN - HE only knows before since knowing Khaslat(nature) of our Nafs(Self) -how it will behave but HE helps to make KHASLAT(nature) better if someone is willing and strive and pray to HIM to keep it on Right Path.


  1. No, our Fate is not pre determined. Only divine plans are.

    I shouldn't be comparing a human with Allah but the the way every mother wants to see her child to succeed and be "someone or some thing " in life... yet not everyone makes it. Allah Tallah also wants all his mankind to do good and makes this life and eternal life a pleasure for them. but we ( humans) have a mind which can be tempted by sin, greed and comfort. ( by satan) ..... hence we fail miserably.

    so this ongoing battle of good and evil gives us the control of our own fate. yet when Allah sees us trembling or being defeated, he holds us and gives us another chance.

    HE may want us to succeed but our destiny/fate is in our hands and its upto us how much we can please him by following his way.

  2. Holy Quran - Chapter 1 - Al-Baqra(Cow) - Verses describing Creation of Adam to be Vicegerent on Earth and rejecting the false belief; he was sent on Earth as a punishment for some sin (eating forbidden fruit).

    Just recall the time when your Lord said to the angels, "I am going to appoint a vicegerent on the Earth." They humbly enquired, "Are you going to appoint such a one as will cause disorder and shed blood on the Earth? We are already engaged in hymning Your praise, and hallowing Your name". (30) Allah replied, "I know what you do not know." After this he taught Adam the names of all things. Then He set these before the angels and asked, "Tell Me the names of these things, if you are right (in thinking that the appointment of a vicegerent will cause disorder)". (31) They replied, "Glory be to You. You alone are free from defect. We possess only that much knowledge which You have given us. Indeed You alone are All-Knowing and All-Wise." (32) Then Allah said to Adam, "Tell them the names of these things." When Adam told them the names of all those things, Allah declared, "Did I not tell you that I know those truths about the Earth and the Heavens which are hidden from you? I know what you disclose and what you hide." (33) Then We commanded the angels, "Bow yourselves to Adam. "All bowed but Iblis refused to do so; he waxed proud and joined the defiers. (34) Then We said, "O Adam, you and your wife, both dwell in the Garden and eat to your hearts' content where from you will, but do not go near this tree; otherwise you shall become transgressors" (35) After a time Satan tempted them with that tree to disobey. Our Command and brought them out of the state they were in, and We decreed, "Now, go down all of you from here; you are enemies of one another. Henceforth you shall dwell and provide for yourselves on the Earth for a specified period." (36) At that time Adam learnt appropriate words from his Lord and repented, and his Lord accepted his repentance, for He is very Relenting and very Merciful. (37)
    We said, "Now go down, all of you from here. Henceforth there shall come to you Guidance from Me now and again: whoever will follow it shall have neither fear nor sorrow (38) and whoever will refuse to accept it and defy Our Revelations they shall be doomed to the Fire wherein they shall remain for ever. (39)

  3. Anika - Thanks for the very insightful comments. Indeed, HE wants us to succeed and even after every failure, HE gives us the strength to rise and this goes on until the last day of our life on earth. All is well if it ends well. So we should always strive for the best with the intention behind each act/decision - that it may please HIM.


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