Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Things: Do We Know Our Young Generation?

Little Things: Do We Know Our Young Generation? (Click to read the Blog article)

My Comments: As a considerate teacher and mother, your concern is very much genuine. But your analysis and solutions give a hint that at least your own kids and students will benefit from your guidance and will not indulge in such "friendships". But this is just one of the spirtual and moral ailments of our times and price for keeping ALLAH and HIS divine guidance as a low priority in our preferences. The moral decay in our society is result of that and brought chaos in all spehers of our lives. The need of time is not political or economic leaders but social reformers who can put us back on right track. Otherwise, all solutions are known but will stay ineffective as they are so far. The real peace in our lives and world can not be realized until we place ALLAH in HIS right position. #1 in our Life! If money and pleasure are #1 & #2 on our life charts, then we should learn to be content with the demerits of "the package where ALLAH is not our #1 GUIDING FORCE". The mankind will stay lost in chaos of all types until not decide to sincerely follow the DIVINE GUIDANCE.

Nonetheless, I appreciate your concern and providing an opportunity to ponder on causes of our "unhealthy lifestyle". This was just one of the many we have but solution to all is - Return to path of ALLAH. The muslims were supposed to be role model by practicing this Divine Guidance and show the world the real life virtues but alas we have not done our assigned role and fallen from grace which was promised for Muslims - the people on Right Modest Path. But we should at least practice it in our own lives and keep on spreading the word - not by mere words but by our actions. Let people see the benefits and follow it for their own benefit.

Good work Rumaisa - on the footsteps of your great grandfather.

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